Education in Ecology, Energy and Environment: More than Triple E3

ARENUM set up a comprehensive programme on Education in Ecology, Energy and Enviornment of school and preschool children in South Brandenburg. The activity cofinanced in EU ILE intends to inspire the youngsters on the topic and to improve basic knowledge of challenges and solutions in energy conversion, storage, transport, availability and consumption.

For kindergarten and preschool children

ARENUM collaborates together with qualified partners in the field of pre-school education to design and present a "power box". It can be used by nursery schools to apply an "Energy Day". It deals primarily with the first touch and contact to the abstract concept of "energy" or "ecology" with examples to generate interest for the multidiemsional interaction of energy in our environment.
With the kindergarten Schwarzbach (DE) a pilot partnership was established. Other institutions will also benefit from the offer.

Energy education for school children

Contributions to support the schedule in schools are realized in context of cooperation on issues such as

  • climate change and electricity generation,
  • ecological footprint,
  • mobility,
  • energy in daily life,
  • basic knowledge of nuclear energy,
  • climate change and the region etc.

The concept also considers existing teaching material (such as from Federal Ministry of Envionment and LISUM Brandenburg, etc.) as possible.

An excursion programme for "Energy Days" is in development together with industry partners (see below) and will be available with the curriculum 2012/13.



Mario Praust and Martin Giersch


Partners and Links


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Aug 9, 2013

Status of the energy policy of the country: Presentation 20 Sept. 2013, Tallin, Estonia

Mar 25, 2013

Event Announcement:

eMobility summit June 27-28. 2013, Berlin (Germany)

Feb 27, 2013

Welcome to the 15th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermalhydraulics.


Have a look on the Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change


German-Indian Intergovernmental Consultations


Climate Policy of the Province of Branenburg

Energy Strategy 2020 (pdf, DE)